This Collection is a Combination of all Range of products including our very own Medline Lightening Skincare.

This Collection includes individual Complexion Medline products , Combined Sets, Starter Kit and our Recommended set of Packages for you to start your journey in Skin Lightening. It is a combined range of our collections to ensure we get you started in a safe and effective journey for a Glowy-Luminous Skin

We advised all clients that it takes at least 3months of continued use to see a good result.  It is a gradual, safe and healthy process, and so we have created a combined range based on our experience what works well and based on your purchase behaviour too.   

We therefore offer BUY 3 and Get 1 for Free with some products including kits.  Just place a note if you intend to receive a different mix as long as it is the same price, please.

Our Skin Lightening Products are ALL NATURAL.  We prioritise health more than beauty and so we source everywhere to bring here in Australia what we know is healthy and best for us and for our clients.  We are the main clients of Complexion too, and we see how it works from within.  We used the proven clinical way to achieve the healthy glow from inside out in a long-term use.  We don't use any harmful bleaching agent and that makes our products indicated for long term use.

 P.S. PLEASE add your mobile number if you have some notes for us to action, just in case we need to clarify it with you asap as we love to ship your order straight away xoxo