Complexion Medline aim to source or produce an all-natural, organic way to maintain our skin health.  These range are products  that are Japan formulated 

We focus on Key Ingredients, we tried it ourselves, and we listen to our clients. And so, we created this kit and bundles for you to have an effective result and to save more. 

Our Kit and Bundles includes;  Rejuvenation Kit- a starter kit for exfoliation and clarifying uneven skin tone, Poreless Glass Skin Kit- for a luminous anti-aging beauty regime, Anti-Aging Kit – for melasma, sun spots, dull and dehydrated skin, an-all antiaging skincare kit, Intensive Whitening Kit- for hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, sunspots, darker skin tone that requires skin brightening, Intensive Underarm Whitening Trio- for an all-natural way to lighten the underarm area, Anti-Acne Whitening Kit- for oily and acneic skin, blemished with post-acne scarring, Scar Pack- to minimise pores, and to reduce acne scarring,