24K Gold-Collagen-Vit C Antiaging Essential Set Soap+Serum

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This Set Includes:

  • Collagen-Aloe Glacier Cloud Soap 100g - use as cleanser am and pm.  An Organic Skin REFRESHING MOISTURIZING Glacier Cloud Soap is a newly develop translucent cloud soap using advanced formulation from Japan with premium ingredients for a fresh, soft and supple skin. This luxurious soap contains ALOE VERA and CUCUMBER to replenish moisture and give superior hydration to the skin; SNAIL MUCIN for skin elasticity to prevent early signs of aging; and COLLAGEN to maintain a firm and youthful glowing skin.
  • 24K Gold with Collagen-C Hyaluronic Acid- instantly smooth and hydrate your skin's appearance using 24K Gold Serum with hyaluronic acid and collagen. It tightens and lifts your skin while gradually reducing facial lines and wrinkles.

We provide an option with  Gluta-Kojic Toner for better result

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