Vitamin C with Probiotic Beta Glucan Rosehip Caps

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ISHIN C with with Probiotic Beta Glucan Rosehip 60Caps

Key ingredients:

  • Vitamin C- still one of the most potent supplement and essential nutrients to repair tissue and aid collagen formation. It helps protect your body from oxidative damage, boosts immunity, fight infections and help heal the body. 
  • Probiotic- The gut is the largest immune organ in our body. Anything that enters our body first goes through our gut and having the right gut bacteria has been linked to numerous health benefits, including the following weight loss, improved digestion, enhanced immune function, healthier skin, reduced risk of some diseases
  • Beta Glucan-is a super immunity booster that stimulate the activity of macrophages. Macrophages destroy pathogens in the body. Beta glucans also stimulate lymphocytes or white blood cells to bind to tumors and viruses and release chemicals to destroy it. May also slow down cancer growth
  • Rosehip- helps fight skin aging. It helps cell longevity by working on cell membranes of stored erythrocyte cells. Taking rose hips can lead to a significant decrease in skin wrinkles. It can also help increase skin moisture content and elasticity. A great source of antioxidant.

Complexion Note: Take 2 capsules a day, 1caps in the morning and 1caps at night. Can be take together with your ISHIN Glutathione Collagen Supplement.