Scar Pack Introduction Kit

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This Kit Includes 6 Items:

  • Glutathione- Kojic- Vit C- ALA Face Cream 50g
  • Rejuvenate Facial Cleanser 60ml
  • Rejuvenate Toner 60 ml
  • Rejuvenate Serum 20ml
  • Rejuvenate Face Cream with SPF60
  • Derma Roller/ CIT Roller

Our ideal and proven Home Care Kit to reduce acne scarring, reduce skin pigmentation, reduce lines and wrinkles, and maintain a healthy skin via light exfoliation, induced minimal inflammation for cellular regeneration.

How To Use:

You can start using your rejuvenation kit twice a week, then progress to every other day to minimise sensitivity of natural acids including lactic and glycolic.

Use the Medline Face Cream twice a day to nourish, lighten and moisturise the skin.  

Use the Derma/CIT Roller before or after serum/ cream application.  If you are new using the Derma Roller, you can apply the serum/cream first, then roll you skin.  Once your skin adopted to it and your collagen and fibrolast are activated, you can then put pressure when rolling and can be used prior serum/cream appliction.

Please ring the clinic direclty on 03 8839 0772 if you need further information on how to use the Derma Roller and this set.

Move to your Scar Pack Maintenance Kit once you finished this Set to achieve Result.