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Lighter You IV Therapy 3000 ml $250

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Treatments by highly experienced Registered Aesthetic Practitioner and Educator (Reg No: ARAP PO113)


This IV cocktail infusion push or drip has a proven clinical record of lightening the skin in a healthy way. We use a maximum amount of glutathione and vitamin C. Some other benefits include maintaining optimal health, boosting immune systems and improving overall energy levels. It is also a great way to prepare your body if you plan on competing in athletic events and or going back to gym after a series of medical treatments and simply maintaining great health and boosting immunity.  The only healthy way to lighten your skin. 

Noted Side Effects of Complexion Medline Lighter You IV Therapy Infusion:

  • Lightening of Pigmented skin (the skin slowly becomes one colour tone)
  • Glowy and younger skin all over the body
  • The skin looks and feel supple and plump
  • Hair growth is highly increased
  • Energy level is boosted
  • Reduction of acne and blemishes (can flare up at start but eventually cleaned-up)
  • Improved skin health and general well-being
  • Can highly increase immune system level

Treatment Location

39 Enterprise Way, Mitcham, Victoria
(Car park Enterprise Way)