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Intensive Skin Lightening Face Package

$150.00 AUD

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Pack Includes:

  • Complexion Skin Lightening Face Cream
  • Glutathione and Vitamin C Face Serum
  • CIT Roller for Face 1.00mm 
  • BioCeuticals Ultra Potent-C® Chewables (60pack)

How to Use:

AM and PM Routine

Step 1: CIT Roller - after cleansing the skin…time to roll it to enhance efficacy and absorption of our three layers facial routine.

Step 2: Glutathione and Vitamin C Face Serum- straight after rolling the skin, apply this concentrated Glutathione and vitamin C serum as your antioxidant.  Also act as a tyrosinase inhibitor to protect your skin from radical damages caused by an internal stressor, sun and other external damage.

Step 3: Face Cream – Then topped it all up with our skin lightening face cream formulated with safe key ingredients that use non-retinol, non-hydroquinone active ingredients. Our face cream uses the clinical combo ingredients of Glutathione, vitamin C, ALA, and kojic acid.

Step 4: Vitamin Tablets  – taken twice daily with a meal.  We use BioCeuticals vitamin C for now until we have your favourite Complexion skin lightening tablet ready.


This is an essential pack to create and maintain a "glowy – radiant" complexion.  Can be used long term due to a safe and natural key ingredient we used. 

Recommended for skin with hyperpigmentation, dull and aged skin, sun-damaged skin, acne-scarred skin.

A must-have prior invasive skin lightening dermal therapy procedure. Application of this pack is required 1-2 weeks pre-treatment, and as a post-treatment care thereafter.

Please note: We advise you to avoid sun exposure and use SPF when outside and cover your skin if possible.