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Face & Body Lightening Package

$175.00 AUD

Save $30 and get FREE SHIPPING with our Skin Lightening Face and Body Package

Lightening Pack Includes:

  •  Glutathione Capsules 250mg (60 Capsules)
  •  Glutathione, Kojic Acid & ALA Face Cream
  •  Glutathione Body Lotion
  •  Glutathione Body Soap
  •  CIT Roller for the Body 1.00mm

How to Use:

AM & PM Routine

Step 1: Face & Body Soap - A gentle soap for normal to oily skin that slightly exfoliates the skin but not leaving the skin dry due to our key ingredients which include concentrated Glutathione, vitamin C and E, lactic acid,  and kojic acid.

Step 2: CIT Roller - roll the skin prior application of our facial cream to enhance efficacy and absorption.  Must be replaced every six months.

Step 3: Face Cream - Apply on face area after rolling the skin. A potent facial cream packed with our favourite combination of skin lightening ingredients in combo Glutathione, kojic acid, alpha-lipoic aid (ALA), and vitamin C. 

Step 4: Body Lotion - Apply on clean and dry skin preferably straight after a shower to enhance absorption.  We use kojic acid and papaya extract as a lightening agent.

Step 5: Glutathione Capsules taken twice daily with a meal. We use BioCeuticals  Glutathione for now until we have your favourite Complexion skin lightening tablet ready.

Benefits of Lightening Pack:

We recommend this package as an essential pack in conjunction with your Skin Lightening IV Therapy treatment to effectively brighten the skin and fade out blemishes and other discolourations resulting in an even skin tone that is radiantly healthy inside and out

Can be used long term as a maintenance pack because there is no retinol nor hydroquinone in our lightening agent.

Please note that we still advise you to avoid sun exposure and use SPF when outside, and cover your skin if possible.