Body Brightening Trio Intensive Whitening Set

$75.00 AUD

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Our Body Brightening Trio includes:

  • 4x Intensive Whitening Gluta-C Kojic Arbutin Whip Soap 100g
  • Glutathione Papaya Lotion 250ml with Organic UV Filtering Agent
  • 4x Intensive Whitening Gluta-C Kojic Arbutin Lotion with SPF50 100ml

Our Best Seller for Body Brightening. A complete whitening set for achieving a more even skin tone. It has 4x Whitening action from glutathione, kojic acid, alpha arbutin and vitamin C, achieving whitening from 4 different elements and ensuring greater whitening effect. Together with Kojic Plus+, a more holistic skin whitening regimen in one intensive whitening set is achieved.

To support you with your Skin Lightening Journey, we have created an option to Buy 3 and Get 1 for Free - a saving of $75.