Body Brightening Trio Collagen-Arbutin-Placenta Kit

$75.00 AUD

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Our Body Brightening Trio includes:

  • Antiaging/Whitening Collagen-Placenta-Arbutin Whip Soap 100g
  • Glutathione Papaya Lotion 250ml with Organic UV Filtering Agent
  • Antiaging/Whitening Collagen-Placenta-Arbutin Lotion with SPF50 100ml

A luxurious youth regenerating properties that combines highly effective active ingredients, that helps skin retain higher level of collagen keeping skin moisturized, elastic, and healthy younger looking.
Packed with advanced active ingredients that intensively whitens skin with SPF30 further protects against harmful UVA rays.

To support you with your Skin Lightening Journey, we have created option to Buy 2 or more for big savings.

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