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Kit Inclusions:
· Smooth Skin 50g
· Gel Cleanser 150ml
· Facial Wipes 80pk
· Micro cream 4% 50g

Smooth Skin 50g:
Skin Balancer for oily skin With Glycolic Acid & Vitamin B.

A gentle yet effective skin balancing cream, that smooths roughened skin and reduces excess keratin and dead cell build up, unplugs pores, reduces blackheads and helps reduce oil secretion.

Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Tip: Apply to clean dry skin to help unclog pores, remove dead cell build up. For light moisturiser apply Multi Vit skin repair!

Gel Cleanser 150ml:
Brightening detox cleanser. This daily facial makeup cleansing gel gently and deeply washes away impurities that can promote and aggravate skin troubles. With this facial cleanser, you can sleep better knowing your skin is dirt-free. Preferably for oily skin.

Contains witch hazel, sea salts and glycolic acid that prevents the formation of keratin/sebum plugs for a fresh, clean face.

Facial Wipes:
Non-sensitising, gentle deep cleansing formula suitable all skin types including sensitive skins and can be used on delicate areas.

Skin O2 facial cleansing wipes is your perfect partner in gently cleansing your skin of makeup and grime. Each wipe is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish the skin while freshening and toning at the same time. Leaving skin, feeling refreshed and vibrant.

Micro cream 4% 50g
The Doc’s duo effect formula synergistically combines physical micro bead exfoliation with glycolic acid to prepare the stratum corneum by clearing away dead skin cells and unclogging pores, leaving the skin feeling smooth and fresh to allow serums and moisturisers to penetrate most effectively.

Glycolic Acid 4% – beneficial for normal & combination skin. Not suitable for sensitive skin. Use after cleanser daily or every 2nd day.


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