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Complexion Cosmetic Injectables

We are excited to introduce Complexion Medline House of Beauty Treatments. Our beautiful new facilities in Mitcham, Victoria, will be open shortly for professional treatments.

We look forward to offering you a range of advanced beauty treatments to suit your needs.


Complexion Cosmetic Injectables – CCI

Complexion Cosmetic Injectables (CCI) offers the most popular and effective way to address sagging skin, loss of volume around the cheeks and lip area, lines and wrinkles. Our most popular and recommended treatment is our CCI Package.

Save $240 with

CCI Treatment Package $1500

This pack includes:

  • Anti-wrinkle Injection Upper Face 80units
  • Lip / Dermal Fillers 2ml for lower face
  • Skin Peel & Hydra Facials x 1 session
  • Pre & Post Treatment Kits – includes cleanser, oil serum or cream, and eye cream

Dermal Fillers – Cheeks 1ml–2ml $500–$1000

Lip Fillers – 1ml $500

Anti-Wrinkle Injection – 20 units $110

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