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Skin Lightening Treatment

strawberry and cream treatment lighter you


Reduce Pigmentation for a Smoother and more Luminous Lighter Skin – Treat Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots and Scars, plus an All-Over Lighter Complexion.


Lighter You Treatment Package $1500 Save $285

  • Skin Peel & Ultra C Facial x1 session
  • IV Infusion x 6 sessions
  • Medline Kit – Face and Body Lightening Pack valued at $135 includes capsules, soap, face cream or serum, body lotion


Lighter You Facial $150

Our "Lighter You" Facial includes double exfoliation (skin peel + microdermabrasion) to remove the aged epidermal layer and exposes the dermal layer to encourage collagen and fibroblast regeneration. Followed by our customised Cinderella infusion (Glutathione + Vitamin C + Alpha Lipoic Acid) using the oxygen hydra facial while the skin is pliable and ready to receive nutrients with skin lightening side effect and an aim for a clearer complexion. This is recommended for pigmented, aged, or darkened skin. Our “Lighter You” facial is also a wonderful antioxidant treat for your skin and is an ideal maintenance that is recommended to have once a month


Lighter You Body Scrub $250

Our “Lighter You” Body Scrub gives your hands and lower legs an exhilarating enzyme or AHA’s exfoliation, AHA derived from natural sugars and lactic acid from milk ingredients used in ancient beauty treatment because it gives you a more even pigment and smooth skin to touch. We then treat you to our luxurious skin lighting cocktail oxygen hydra infusion and finished off by applying our potent skin lightening cream all over your hands and legs. This treatment is an all year round not only to lighten and even out skin tone but to simply nourish our skin


Glutathione & Vitamin C IV Infusion (3000mg) $250

This IV infusion is very popular not only to naturally lighten the skin but antioxidant to boost immunity and to encourage cell regeneration that visibly thickens hair and nails, prevention from common flu and increase our energy level.  The main ingredient is our ever-loved GLUTATHIONE, the mother of all antioxidant.  Boosted with Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid in one cocktail infusion where you body instantly absorbed 100% due to intravenous (IV) pathway.  This cocktail IV Infusion is commonly known as the Cinderella infusion.



Complexion Medline Kit

Our Complexion Medline Kit is our way of equipping everything else you need to achieve the Lighter You result.  Your kit includes your morning and night skin care regime for Face and Body, and your Advanced Skin Lightening Glutathione Capsules where all key ingredients are clinically proven to lighten your skin, boost immunity, increase energy level, and enhancement of the quality of your skin, hair and nails.