Advanced Beauty & Dermal Therapy IN CLINIC - PRACTICAL TRAINING

Are you interested in practical training in the beauty industry?

Complexion Medline offer Post Graduate Advanced Beauty Training and Education courses to improve your skills and confidence to perform the latest beauty and dermal therapy treatments.

Complexion offers the opportunity of practical training for those seeking to learn and improve their skills in the beauty industry. Our Practical Training is unique in that it is personal one-on-one training, where you can be free to express yourself and ask questions to your hearts content.

We love to help those who have their own beauty business and are looking to learn how to use new machines or treatments. We also can help you out if you are new and looking to get a head start into the beauty industry.

Our training programs include the latest techniques and treatments so that you are always ready to give your best to your valued customers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!