How much glutathione is needed to lighten skin?

Minimum 500 mg per day to see some good results in terms of skin whitening and brightening. And double your vitamin c intake with it.

Does glutathione lighten skin?

Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants in our body. These are gaining traction in terms of skin whitening treatment and achieve the desired pigmentation. With very less to no side-effect, Glutathione skin whitening is by far the most chosen whitening treatment. It is tropically administered through whitening pill or Glutathione cream.

What is glutathione capsule?

  • Glutathione capsules are an anti-oxidant and are abundantly available in nature. It is found in plants, animals and many bacteria.
  • It is an anti-oxidant and by the virtue of this quality, it immediately reduces the damage caused by reactive Oxygen.
  • Glutathione is manufactured inside human body by using Amino Acids naturally so it is not considered an essential nutrient.
  • Artificially, it is made in labs using Glutamic Acid, Glycine and Cysteine.

Glutathione is found in most of the ‘ten foods you must eat’ kind of fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, Avocadoes, Oranges, Papaya, Spinach and Walnuts are a rich source of Glutathione. But don’t get me wrong. It is not the case that these food items start working towards fairness the minute they enter your body. Eating these food items does not guarantee fair and white complexion.

Glutathione Injection side effects and Benefits?

Side Effects

Glutathione, by itself, has no reported side effects. However, intravenous glutathione may interact with certain drugs used for chemotherapy. Glutathione lowers the neurological and renal toxicity of the chemotherapy drug cisplatin. Combining glutathione with other chemotherapy drugs such as cyclophosphamide and bleomycin reduces their harmful side effects. Moreover, glutathione may even enhance the healing effects of these chemotherapy medications. Intravenous glutathione is administered just before the chemotherapy session begins.


Most of the major Researchers across the world concluded one thing that patients of major diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Liver Damage, Hemorrhage, Cyst and Ulcer formation, Diabetes, ADHD and Parkinson’s, did not have ample Glutathione in their body.

Since it is an anti-oxidant and fights radicals well, Glutathione is definitely a sought after nutrient in cosmetic as well as medical sciences. However, excess of any nutrient has not helped anyone and Glutathione is no exception.

Will glutathione lighten skin?

Glutathione is an anti-oxidant and helps in cleaning the facial muscles, toning them well, giving fairer and whiter skin, imparting brightness and glow, removing blemishes effectively, you can try using the pills or injections once, only after expert advice. Sure shot fast results have been noticed, and beyond doubt, Glutathione works like magic on your magic. It is like a rebirth. So Glutathione does work in achieving instant skin whitening.

  • It is a great anti-oxidant, hence removes the toxins really well.
  • Glutathione lightens and brightens the skin tone
  • Induces a glow and improves the texture
  • Glutathione reduces skin pigmentation, age spots, blemishes, ulcers, dark circles, freckles etc.
  • No more pimples and wrinkles

It is not that simple. These effects of Glutathione are created on a temporary basis, and once you discontinue the intake, the skin complexion will eventually go back to its original tone.

How to use glutathione?

It is available in the form of skin whitening supplements in pills, capsules, injections, soaps, lotions and creams. Soaps, lotions, creams and pills are available online in India. For injections, you need to do a little research and look for a Dermatologist.

Glutathione IV therapy side effects Melbourne?

No significant side effects of glutathione IV therapy have yet been reported in the available literature. Researchers first began exploring the intravenous administration of glutathione in patients in the 1990’s, and they observed no indications of potentially adverse outcomes. In fact, their only serious concern was that glutathione had a relatively short half-life in the bloodstream, which could potentially limit the duration of its efficacy. These early results regarding glutathione safety and tolerability have been supported by more recent clinical studies. For example, in a 2009 pilot evaluation of an intravenous glutathione treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease at the University of South Florida, researchers reported that glutathione IV therapy was “well tolerated” and posed “no safety concerns.” A 2017 case report yielded similar results, with the patient complaining of no adverse effects upon intravenous glutathione administration. While some researchers point out that the overall body of literature on the safety of glutathione IV therapy is lacking, the studies that have been conducted all indicate that glutathione IV therapy is not likely to cause the patient to experience side effects.

Glutathione injection dosage skin whitening?

The standard dose of intravenous glutathione is 1400 mg mixed with a sterile saline solution for patients being treated for Parkinson’s disease. This dose of glutathione is given intravenously over the course of 10 minutes three times weekly. Patients undergoing chemotherapy receive 3 g of intravenous glutathione prior to chemotherapy.

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